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Fruit Fly Control in Markham, IL

Fruit flies are smaller than your common house fly. They seem to float through the air rather than fly, but that is probably because they are so tiny. They are actually more adept at avoiding death than you may think, but they certainly can not fly as fast as many of the other pests that may show up in your home. They do tend to prefer fruit, which is why they are commonly called fruit flies. Part of fruit fly control in Markham would be to get rid of the bad fruit they are eating, but that does not guarantee that they are going to be gone for good.

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Get Rid Of The Fruit Fly

Why You Need Fruit Fly Control For Markham

Any food that is left out can be food for fruit flies. They do not just eat fruit, though that is what they prefer. If you have an abundance of flies buzzing around, but you are sure you have searched your kitchen high and low for any fruit that may be the problem, it could be something else they are feasting on. Children are often careless with food, so it could be that your fruit fly control may be about cleaning your kids rooms, playrooms, or common play areas. You may just find the source of food hidden somewhere unexpected.

You can also use bleach as a part of your fruit fly control. Take a half a cup of bleach and pour it down your sink drains. This will allow the bleach to sit in the drain pipe or trap. Do not run the water in that sink for at least a half an hour to be sure you have killed them all. Don’t forget to hit the sinks in your kitchen and bathroom, and don’t leave the tub drain out. They can thrive on bits of food and other things that sit in your sink traps. Most people with problems find that this clears things up rather quickly, though you still may need fruit fly control in Illinois.

As more and more people in the world become hygiene conscious, they have begun adopting a number of ways in which they can start living healthier lives by cleaning up the environment they live in. In one’s home, the kitchen is a great place to start the cleanup process as it is one of the most inviting areas for flies and insects to infest.

Methods Of Fruit Fly Control In 60433

One of the most challenging factors in the cleanup process involves the eradication of flies, particularly the fruit fly. For those people who are not aware of what the fruit fly is, it must be noted that these minute insects are small flies that measure in size of 1/8th an inch and have a fancy for attacking openly placed foods, fruits and vegetables.

These fruit flies feast on the surface of the food material and render it unfit for human consumption. They perch themselves on the surface of the food and gradually make their way into the body by creating minute spores. They affect the food material in such a way that it converts the starch and/or carbohydrate into alcohol and leads to the decomposition of the fruit or vegetable.

Fruit flies have an extremely short life cycle. Development to become an adult takes anywhere between 7 and 30 days and then they tend to live an extra 2 to 9 weeks. This means that as soon as they are an ‘adult’ they will start looking to places to lay their eggs and produce more fruit flies.

The most common time to see fruit flies is late summer and early autumn as they tend to breed the most around harvest time when there is more fruit and vegetables for them to lay their eggs in. This is prime time for you to get fruit fly control.

Unfortunately, they are only very small at around 3-4 mm long which means they can be tricky to spot and get rid of and also they can penetrate many fly screens. To identify a fruit fly, look for a dull colored fly – usually tan or brown. Adults tend to hover in small groups or circles and they make little or no noise that humans can hear while doing so.

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Eliminate Fruit Flies From Your Home

Your Health Depends On Fruit Fly Control In Markham, IL

You do need to be careful with fruit flies because they spend much of their time around moldy fruits and vegetables or other fermenting products, they are likely to carry bacteria which they may leave on your food. In addition, eating the fruit fly larvae can cause intestinal discomfort and diarrhea.

Make sure to wash and peel where applicable fruits and vegetables that could have been exposed to fruit flies before eating them.

The best way to keep pests at bay is to keep a clean house. Don’t leave food stuffs around the house, especially things that are likely to go moldy quickly. Change your bins regularly too as this will deter fruit flies from coming into your house to find food. While there are products such as fly zappers and traps to get rid of fruit flies, this is not a sustainable solution to the problem – more of a band aid. Sanitation really is the best method of keeping these pests at bay.

These tiny flies can get into any home and make it their new breeding ground. Without knowing it, items in your home can be attracting these flies from the out side. They will be looking for any fermenting item in your house, which could be anything from the fruit in the bowl on the counter, to the small particles of food left in your kitchen sick.

Once they have located these places, they can lay up to 500 eggs each time they breed, which can happen several times in their short life span. Those 500 eggs will, within hours become larva, and then transition into adult flies. So without even knowing it, those 3 or 4 fruit flies that are flying around your kitchen will soon become 500 or more extremely fast.

So when you do see only a few of them, don’t think to your self, that a few fruit flies can’t do too much harm, because before you even finish that thought, 500 more could be on they way.

I would suggest that the moment you see even one fruit fly in your home, you should take care of the problem. It’s much easier to eliminate them before they begin to breed.

There are a lot of solutions online to get rid of fruit flies. I myself went through my own fruit fly control problem, and found a great solution to eliminate them. They have some great, inexpensive, do it yourself kits that are surprisingly very effective.

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